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Tim & Maggie

Tim & Maggie

Working with SBF has been such a fantastic journey and opportunity.  Some of the things I truly appreciated were them setting the expectations up front, the caring of the staff, and the willingness for each member of the team to go out of their way in whatever capacity to help.

I have never trained a dog before, and I truly believe the SBF curriculum was set up to train me first and the dog followed!  There were some frustrating days and times I wanted to give up, but I remember the staff setting that expectation up front, “this isn’t easy, and you will get frustrated, but stick with it, and it will be worth it” or something to that affect.  Understanding that up front most definitely set me up for success.

I can’t say this about many (if any) organizations out there, but each and every member of the SBF team truly cared about what they are doing and are doing it because they love it and want to.  It was apparent from the start, and as I look back how much everyone loves what they do and they do it because they want to help those of us that need it.

From day one, as mentioned above, it was apparent that everyone cared about what they were doing.  I especially appreciated that each person that I came in contact with went above and beyond – a rare treat in this day and age.

My service dog Maggie has been fantastic, and I feel like it was a perfect pairing from the beginning! I am still working through issues, but I have noticed a big difference when going into public places with Maggie, thanks to SBF!

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