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When our veterans were in combat and they heard, “got your six” they knew their buddies were watching their back. For many of our veterans, their new service dogs continue to “have their six” by alerting them that someone may be approaching them.  A symptom of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can be an elevated startle response to people approaching unexpectedly. Service dogs can alert their veteran when someone is approaching, and the veteran is better able to adjust to being out in an uncontrollable social situation or environment.

At Soldier’s Best Friend, we can only help our veterans get paired with and train a service or therapeutic companion dog through your continued support. We aim to serve 125 veterans and rescue 60 dogs so that our very deserving veterans living with PTSD and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) in Arizona have their own dog to be of service to them. Our services are provided at no cost to our veterans, though the average cost of training one team is $7,500.

By joining our “Got Your Six” pack, your monthly gift helps us with our mission to “Impact Two Lives at Once.” Won’t you become a “Got Your Six” pack member today by choosing to make a recurring monthly gift?

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  • Chris & Luna
    Chris & Luna

    "Luna’s transition from a dog park celebrity to a highly trained service animal has changed everything! The support and training provided by Soldier’s Best Friend (SBF) has been absolutely amazing. I have spent more time outside my house “training” in places I would have avoided (mall, stores) than I have on my own in the past 6 years combined. I now have the confidence to go places and do things that I would have never thought possible. My entire family is thankful for the improved life that we have together. There are not enough words to express how grateful my family is to (SBF) specifically the time, patience, and training provided to Luna and I by Carey Haas. It was a huge ask to train a Siberian Husky to the point she is at now. I really appreciate that even though we have made it to graduation, I am still able to spend Saturday mornings reinforcing the training and expanding the bond between Luna and I with the help of SBF and Carey."

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  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


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