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Terry and Koda

Terry and Koda

I've spent 22 years making my career my life.  I had no clue how difficult civilian life was going to be.  My wife and I had seen many veterans with service dogs and it really interested me so we started researching the benefits and how to get one.  We reached out to Soldier's Best Friend to help me.  At the time we had two German shepherds that were 1 so decided to train Koda as my service dog.  It all sounded great until our first day.  I couldn't get Koda into the car, then I couldn't get him out of the car, and he would not step one front into the Chandler American Legion he thought dragging me around the parking lot was much more fun.  It took 3 of us just to get him inside so we could start class.  Now today Koda is my battle buddy.  He's my best bud always watching my back and my mood.  He seems to know when I need him and he keeps me happy, laughing, and calm, he's even able to find Mom when I need her, or be supportive when I need a brace.  

I want to thank Soldier's Best Friend for all they have done, but most of all thank the trainers who have become lifelong supportive friends. I want to thank Karin, Allison, Val, Isabel, and Terri we will forever be grateful.  

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