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Richard and Khaleesi

Richard and Khaleesi

Richard has always longed for a dog.  Since having Khaleesi his attitude towards everything has improved.  He has anxiety, anger and attitude issues, but all of that is minimal now.  Khaleesi has helped tremendously.  Having Khaleesi has also helped our marriage.  We do not fight anymore.  Leslie told us that Khaleesi gravitates towards the guys, but she bonded with me almost instantly.  During training Khaleesi bonded with Richard and she adores him.  If he leaves her at home or is away from her for even short periods of time, she whines without him.  It was a challenge and struggle to train her, but amazing to see how much they have learned.  Does SBF have a formula for picking dogs, because she is the perfect fit for this family!  The kids also adore Khaleesi and having her has made Richard’s attitude towards them happier.  Before Khaleesi, he escaped into his room on his own to play video games, etc.  Now she gets him off the bed and he’ll take her and the kids to the park and spend more time with them.

Written by Jennifer, Richard's wife

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