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Veteran/Dog Teams

Randy and Titan

Randy and Titan

During the past several months since I started the program with Soldier’s Best Friend (SBF) I have had many ups and downs.  Getting into the program was a great lift to my spirits.  It gave me the hopes of being able to begin functioning like normal again.  Going through the training was tough but thanks to the support of my wife and family, and my trainer Denise I was able to complete all that was required and more.  I have been able to gain more of my normal life back without feeling stressed about what was going on around me.  I want to thank all who had a hand in my successful completion of the program.  Most of all I am thankful for my service dog Titan whom was very patient during my training.

Our Impact

  • Graduated Veteran/Dog Teams


  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


  • Our Goal for Veterans Served in 2024


  • Training Hours Provided in 2023


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