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Veteran/Dog Teams

Nicholas and Kali

Nicholas and Kali

I came into Soldier’s Best Friend needing my friend to help me with my needs. I was certain from the start that she would be impossible to train and wouldn’t be able to create the type of bond I needed.  Well I was most definitely wrong. She is such a caring dog and will work very hard for me and for what I want, as long as I have hot dogs that is. But all kidding aside, I wouldn’t have been able to get to this point on my own. If it wasn’t for the hard work and knowledge of my trainers, I would have most definitely become frustrated and given up. Ask them all, they know how annoyed I get when everything doesn’t go perfectly.  I really wouldn’t be here without Leslie, Val, and Jim.

Our Impact

  • Graduated Veteran/Dog Teams


  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


  • Our Goal for Veterans Served in 2024


  • Training Hours Provided in 2023


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