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Mike & Rocky

Mike & Rocky

Rocky and I started on a long journey with SBF.  After my first training session with Rocky outside of SBF campus my trainer Allison who evaluated Rocky at SBF to see if he would make a good service dog informed me that if she evaluated him at Lowes, she would not have approved.  You see Rocky had a fear problem that really stood out.  He feared refrigerators, shiny floors, compressor noises.  So our journey started out on rocky ground.  The fear we worked through with much patience, on Rocky's part and on mine.  One time when Allison had Rocky and I meet at the park, Allison had me climb up a ladder on one of the monkey bar set ups and then call Rocky.  Without any hesitation Rocky climbed straight up the ladder to me. Allison and I knew at that time how much Rocky needed me and I him.  From that moment on Rocky became my security blanket and I his.  My first service dog at that moment became permanently retired. Through Rocky's need of me and I him, I am more comfortable going out into crowds.  And with Rocky's energy forces me out of my cave and into this world for short periods of time throughout the day.  A good outcome for both of us.  Through this program at SBF has made it possible for a better life for not just for me, but for a wonderful dog that someone had abandoned.  Thank you, White German Shepherd Rescue and Soldier’s Best Friend, for a second chance at life.

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