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Mark and Pacer

Mark and Pacer

Prior to SBF, I was floundering in circles looking for a service dog program geared toward veterans.

My local VA mental health provider suggested a service dog would help me copy with military PTSD and related issues.  She even wrote me a letter (prescription) sending me out in the community in search of a service dog.  I met with local civilian dog trainers who suggested I rescue a dog of my choosing and train the dog myself with the help of their services, but their services were too expensive.  I did rescue Pacer for companionship and saw a huge difference in my own posture towards life.

After a year of failed attempts and choosing the wrong training equipment, I finally was referred to SBF by a fellow veteran at my local VA.  This fellow veteran had gone through the SBF program.

Once I met with SBF and my rescue dog Pacer passed their initial screening, we begin training the following week.

Pacer and I grew together during the several months of training and both of us were happy learning and bonding as a team. SBF taught me to be a real dog handler and gave me the confidence to control Pacer in public venues. I was once a troubled veteran who attempted suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot under my chin and I miraculously survived.  My relationship with Pacer has given me the feeling of love, companionship, security, and the enjoyment of life.

I am blessed at a second chance of life and having SBF be part of rescuing Pacer & myself.  There are two soles rescued during the SBF program.

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