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Lee and Cisco

Lee and Cisco

Before having Cisco, I couldn’t sleep at night.  I would go to bed and toss and turn and stay up for hours because it was too hard to go to sleep.  Once I finally fell asleep, I would wake up often throughout the night.  I had nightmares once a week.  Once Cisco came along, he started waking me up at night during the nightmares.  Now the nightmares are down to one a month.  With Cisco bedside me I go to bed at 11 and I'm asleep within 30 mins and only wake up once in the night.

I also wouldn’t go shopping before Cisco because I couldn’t be around crowds.  If I had to shop I would go late at night.  Now my PTSD does not bother me as bad as it used to.  I can go out shopping during the day.  Cisco can block between me and other people.  He helps keep my bubble safe.  Before Cisco I could not go to the end of the aisle because I would feel trapped, but with Cisco I can now go to the end.

I recently noticed that Cisco can sense an anxiety attack coming on.  He will put his paw on my knee and I have realized that means I am about to have an anxiety attack and can do something to stop it from coming.

Cisco has given me a lot of comfort and he has changed my life.  He is wonderful.

The Soldier's Best Friend program is fantastic.  All the trainers are great to work with.  Any veteran with PTSD should check it out because it would be beneficial to them.

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