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Veteran/Dog Teams

Landel and Olivia

Landel and Olivia

Olivia and I started with a deep bond and a sit.  SBF came as a possibility from my psychologist at the Vet Center.  I turned in my paperwork and quickly was accepted.  Olivia quickly took to her job and I welcomed the added distraction of training and having her in public places.  I quickly found myself goals and doing things I wouldn’t have before. Focusing on training helped build our relationship as a team.  Once Olivia started performing her tasks well Olivia turned the corner from a welcomed distraction to a tool.  I don’t feel alone anymore because she is always there.  She relieved my symptoms in crowds and she help tremendously when a debilitating anxiety attack stops me in my tracks.  I also had an old back injury that got a lot worse while I was in the program.  With the trainers help Olivia was taught a brace and helps me get up and down.  I have had an amazing experience with all aspects of SBF.  They have quite literally changed my life.

Our Impact

  • Graduated Veteran/Dog Teams


  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


  • Our Goal for Veterans Served in 2024


  • Training Hours Provided in 2023


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