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Joel and Kazu

Joel and Kazu

Somewhere along the road, in my fight for America’s freedom I lost my own to the tragedies of life on the line in combat.  Soldier’s Best Friend has played a vital role along my road to recovery and coping with the demons I picked up in Iraq.  SBF has helped me begin to gain some of my freedom back in my day to day life, with tasks as simple as waking up and getting out of bed every morning to tasks as complex as “clearing” my house, or any given area, when I am amped up whether commanded or because Kazu senses my elevated level of stress.

I am now able to manage the occasional trip out in public to visit places such as the grocery store, church, or movie theater.  Knowing that Kazu has my six and will sense as well as come between myself and any possible threat, gives me much confidence and peace of mind at all times. 

Though Kazu was rescued from the grasp of death in a lonely doggy prison, even more so has Kazu rescued me from the grasp of death in my lonely soldier’s prison of “what ifs,” “how come,” and “why not’s.”  Kazu continues to gain her confidence and helps me to find mine thanks to the amazing out reaching, effort and support of Soldier’s Best Friend.

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