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Veteran/Dog Teams

Jim and Dozer

Jim and Dozer

At the end of 2019 I submitted an application to SBF to be enrolled in the program and placed with a dog.  Between the Covid pandemic and the review of my past it took until July 30, 2020 to get Dozer. The training and the trainers have all been exceptional.  One incident I will share is that we knew Dozer was reactive with other dogs so it was appropriately suggested that he and I attend the Dog Reactivity class.  At my first class Dozer (and me too) were so bad they kicked us out of the class.  I am proud to say that while he is not perfect, he has improved much.  I wrote the following to SBF several months back, and it remains true, it is a quote from the movie AS GOOD AS IT GETS where Jack Nickolsen says "you make me want to be a better man".  SBF has made Dozer a better dog and me a better man!

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