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Veteran/Dog Teams

Jeremy & Blue

Jeremy & Blue

When I was first introduced to Soldier's Best Friend, I wasn’t sure what to expect but from the beginning to the end the process has been wonderful. I was introduced to our trainer Leslie Bryant and could not have asked to have been paired with a more professional and respectful trainer and an even more amazing human being. Not only is she a veteran but she took the time to understand my needs and helped prepare Blue and I every step of the way. The help that Soldier's Best Friend has enabled me to obtain through my service animal has given me hope, and the ability to feel at ease in public in situations that, in the past, would have caused issues for weeks. I can never repay the support, help, and care that Soldier's Best Friend has given to me. I hope other veterans are able to see what is possible and know that there is help that you couldn’t imagine available to them.

Our Impact

  • Graduated Veteran/Dog Teams


  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


  • Our Goal for Veterans Served in 2024


  • Training Hours Provided in 2023


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