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Jason & Gambit

Jason & Gambit

Soldier's Best Friend has assisted me by giving me Gambit. I have never owned or knew anything about a dog before. I have troubles sleeping, going out to places, interactions with people and I have been used to being isolated and highly stressed.

Gambit has helped me go out to places like hiking or just going for a drive in the truck and we both love shopping for food.

Gambit makes it easier for me when daily tasks become difficult for me especially when I am stressed out and shut down. I don’t feel alone anymore and he helps by spending the time with me.

When I get home from work, I see his tail wagging and he’s just waiting for me, very excited making grunting noises and making happy whining noises.

Gambit is more like my battle buddy and supports me when I’m feeling at my lowest. I want to thank Soldier's Best Friend and staff for assisting me by matching me with Gambit and providing me the resources, supplies and knowledge with training him.

Now I have been looking for places to go and I currently have plans to go to Sea World with Gambit.

I just want to say, “Thank you!”

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