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Veteran/Dog Teams

Garry and Cheyenne

Garry and Cheyenne

As a recipient of your program twice now, I would like to express my appreciation to Soldier's Best Friend for the wonderful gift they have bestowed on my “Freedom”. The service dog program was a blessing and has allowed me to pull away from my hermit lifestyle and start enjoying life once again. My PTSD Service dog allows me to go almost wherever I want and knowing she is with me and will alert me long before I become “not okay”.

While I still try to avoid large crowds, I know if I have to go into one, Cheyenne will see me through the many issues. The training of both Cheyenne and myself together has built such a strong bond, I can’t imagine being without her. 

Thank you so very much for all you do for Veterans with PTSD and TBI… I will support your organization whenever the opportunity presents itself. 

To John B, my trainer Leslie, THANK YOU!

Our Impact

  • Graduated Veteran/Dog Teams


  • Rescued Arizona Homeless Dogs


  • Our Goal for Veterans Served in 2024


  • Training Hours Provided in 2023


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