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Casey & Emmie

Casey & Emmie

Emmie is my best friend, and I knew it from first hello! She has kept me on my toes from the very beginning and forced me to remain consistent and follow through. By far the easiest animal I have ever had, she arrived with her wild personality, but was immediately interested in training. She picked everything up so quickly and was hilarious to watch at first because she is so treat driven, many times she would just do all the things in order to get her treat, so she would sit/stand/rollover/post/etc all in a continuous loop. She still loves to lead and will drag me around if I let her, but she knows when to work and when to play. She has truly been a blessing and I love coming home to lounge on the couch with her, knowing she loves me just because. I can’t thank the SBF program enough for allowing me this opportunity. Everyone has been so great and has made me feel welcome and confident every step of the way. I chose to move from service to therapeutic companion simply because my life is absolute chaos and the time commitment was near impossible, it also didn’t hurt that I have the best dog and she is already trained beyond what I need and more so I am completely satisfied. Jaime is an outstanding trainer, she is knowledgeable and passionate about what she does, she has been a tremendous help throughout this process.

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