Training Campus

Soldier’s Best Friend Training Campus – Building Up Lives

We moved into our new facility on the SBF campus on September 26, 2016 and we are still just as excited as when the doors first opened. Trainers and veterans alike tell us it is making a difference, and your generosity made it all possible. We asked a few of our veterans and trainers to share with you what they think about the new indoor/outdoor training campus. After all, its purpose is for them, and they are the ones utilizing it day in and day out.

We want to thank everyone who helped make the new campus possible. The impact it is making in the lives of these veterans and the dogs they are training is phenomenal.


Ryan and Chaos

Ryan and Chaos

Ryan and Chaos are a veteran/dog team who started training in late October. Ryan said, “I love the new training campus. It feels more secure but welcoming at the same time, something a public place does not have for a new team like me and Chaos.” Karin, their trainer, told us, “From a trainer’s perspective, having our own building has allowed teams to sufficiently develop skills, have confidence in their handling skills and dogs before going out into a public area with a lot of distractions and noises. Being out in public definitely adds a level of stress to our veteran teams. To be able to train in a quiet, controlled environment has definitely benefited many of my teams.”

Mike- 2015 Alumnus

“Now veterans in the SBF program have a place we can call home. We can come here and have a place that’s comfortable to train.”
Mike – 2015 Alumnus

Randy and Rocky

Randy and Rocky

Randy and Rocky graduated last September just days after we moved into the new facility. Randy shared, “Prior to hooking up with SBF, the PTSD I have was certainly winning the battle for survival. Once I was introduced to the program, I can’t put in words the possibilities that training and working with Rocky has made in my life. During the early portion of the process, we met for training all over the valley; sometimes in places that were hot without a lot of room. Since the new training building has been completed, it’s an unbelievable difference. During our graduation, I tried to express my appreciation and gratitude for everyone who supported the process of training and so generously provided this new facility. Thank-you from both of us!”

Becki- Phoenix Trainer

“The outdoor accessibility provides distractions that the dogs use to accelerate their growth. The indoor facility brings more focus and has made simulating social events that much more realistic and helped to improve veteran/dog development.” Becki – Phoenix Trainer