Foster Application

Thank you for your interest in fostering a dog from Soldier’s Best Friend. Our foster program helps SBF find the right dog for the right veteran.

Soldier’s Best Friend (SBF) evaluates dogs from local shelters and rescue groups and carefully selects those that exhibit potential to be trained and do the work of a trained PTSD service dog. Each dog meets specific criteria, most often with a particular veteran in mind. However, it is nearly impossible to see all potential temperament problems in a shelter environment. An Arizona Foster Home is the vital, bridging link for a rescued shelter dog between the dog’s previous existence and its new life with a veteran. By housing a rescued dog for a brief amount of time (usually no more than three weeks), the Foster Volunteer helps the Adoptions Manager evaluate whether the dog is a suitable candidate for service dog training, helps calm a stressed, anxious dog, and helps train household and public manners.

NOTE: Soldier’s Best Friend is an Arizona-based program. Foster Volunteers must live in Arizona.

Please answer questions as completely as possible. Once completed we will review your application and contact you for further consideration.