I took Bailey home on Oct 27th and from that day forward, Bailey and I have been inseparable.

On Bailey’s very first night at her new home, or as my daughter Ashley calls it “HER FOREVER HOME”, I was suddenly awakened from one of my reoccurring nightmares, with Bailey laying on top of me, nudging me with her nose to wake me up.  That is when I knew we were going to be a great team.

Bailey has proved herself to be a very loving, intelligent,  and quick learner. She instantly became part of our family.

Bailey has filled a void in my heart.

She has already helped me tremendously, not only with all the tasks she does for me, but with her loyalty to me. She is always by my side, she is always watching me. She knows that I will protect her like she protects me. I have less anxiety about going out into public now, because I know she is with me.

SBF made that possible, and for that I am forever grateful. With Allison’s, Leslie’s, and Jim’s unwavering support and patience, they have made it possible for Bailey and me to be here today.

In closing, I want to thank the entire SBF staff, for not only bringing Bailey into my life, but also for the amazing service and opportunity they provide to my fellow veteran’s.

Thank You.