From the start Mavis and I were a match made in heaven. Mavis was a timid rescue with severe separation anxiety and a need for nearly constant companionship. I was a disabled veteran with a tendency toward isolation and reclusion. Together we took on this program and each other. Through 7 months of training Mavis and this program gave me the opportunity to get out of my home regularly and the confidence to do so. My anxiety out and about with Mavis has tapered considerably. I am most grateful for Mavis’s healing love and companionship.  And yet it’s perhaps Mavis that has grown the most through these 7 months. She has grown in abilities but also in confidence. Her separation anxiety is almost non-existent and she is no longer nearly as timid (making me so proud even if it has made training harder). We are both so very grateful to have each other and to Soldiers Best Friend for everything.