I can tell you that from the first day Jake and I started training I saw that he was changing every day as I worked him, or did he work me. He is a completely different dog since last September. I know while I was working Jake I was not thinking about my PTSD because my mind was on Jake. I know that when my PTSD kicked in Jake would get up and nudge me and I would hug him while crying. I’m crying now but they are happy tears because the love and bond I have for Jake. Now I can feel free and go out during the day and go shopping or just to work Jake. I learned a lot from Jake and I see he has done the same. This training is done by the veteran and not by the trainer, so if you don’t have the time to train your service dog don’t sign up. I have learned a lot from this training and I’ll be out every day working Jake.


I would like thanking Solder’s Best Friend for my training. And I would like to thank Leslie in Sierra Vista for all her hard work helping me to get to the finish line. I could not have done this alone. Thank you all again.