Murphy, my service dog, came into my life as an overweight excited hound.  Before meeting him however I was constantly stressed and on alert.  I didn’t sleep well and was heading towards being a somewhat recluse.  Even though I would hike and camp, both of which allowed me to be alone or with my better half, Paula, we didn’t really go or do anything else.  Restaurants were almost out of the question, and if the place had a crowd, forget it, we never got out of the vehicle nor went near it.

Murphy changed all that.  Being that I was at least active with hiking and such, Murphy and I would go out all the time together hiking.  There he would lose the weight he needed to and we would bond like I’ve never bonded before.  With that bond, Murphy has allowed me to look at crowds more like a challenge than an adversity.  He would allow Paula and I to live normal and go out to restaurants, shopping when needed and meeting new people.  Murphy did that.

Yes, he is my Service Dog but along with that title, he holds the title of, best friend, companion, savior and family.  He has saved me from my own destruction and continues to do so.  Teaching me how to be able to function like a civilian in a world unknown to me.