Rotary Event for SBF in the News

The Foothills Focus published an article on the front page of their March 8, 2017 issue highlighting the upcoming Rotary Club of Scottsdale North fundraising event for SBF. Tickets are available for this fun event on Saturday evening, March 18, at Pinnacle Peak Village. Thank you to The Foothills Focus for the publicity and to Rotary Club of Scottsdale North for all their hard work hosting this event for the benefit of veteran/dog teams in our program.

Entire article as published in The Foothills Focus on March 8, 2017:

Peoria Chick-Fil-A and American Legion Auxiliary Sponsor Team

In honor of the World War I peace treaty signed at 11 a.m. on 11/11, the Arrowhead Chick-Fil-A donated 11% of their proceeds to the Peoria American Legion Auxiliary Unit 62. The Auxiliary raised the remaining funds to combine with this donation to sponsor a Soldier’s Best Friend veteran/dog team. This is a wonderful example of how teamwork in our community can benefit veterans. Soldier’s Best Friend thanks the Arrowhead Chick-Fil-A and American Legion Auxiliary Unit 62 for their support as well as their collaborative spirit to work together to accomplish this goal.

Entire article as seen in the Sun City Independent on December 7, 2016: Sun_City_Independent_20161207_A16_0

SBF on Fox 10 Phoenix: Grand Opening of Training Campus

SBF on Fox 10 Phoenix: Grand Opening of Training Campus

Soldier’s Best Friend celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Training Campus on November 3, 2016. Fox 10 Phoenix interviewed Founder and Board President John Burnham, DVM about the important of the new Training Campus and the positive impact it will make.


‘Soldier’s Best Friend’ helps Valley veterans fight PTSD

By: FOX 10 Staff

Posted:Nov 03 2016 12:37PM MST

Updated:Nov 03 2016 09:54PM MST

A Valley non-profit has trained hundreds of service dogs for vets with PTSD.

And they’ve done it without a facility that they could call their own.

But on Thursday it all changed.

The bond between a veteran and the furry friends beside them can be special and life-changing.

“Anywhere from tear-jerking to literally taking your breath away,” John Brunham said.

Five-and-a-half-years-ago, John was inspired to being “Soldier’s Best Friend.” As a veterinarian and now the non-profit’s president, he’s seen how a service dog can help in the battle against PTSD.
‘Soldier’s Best Friend’ helps Valley veterans fight PTSD

“We hear from veterans directly, we hear from spouses and significant others, we hear from moms and dads; the changes that they’ve seen in themselves or in their loved ones and how they’ve begun to adjust to civilian life,” he said.

The organization spends six-to-nine months training the dogs to perform tasks like fetching medication or simply staying by a veteran’s side. Until today, all of that training has been in shared spaces around the Valley.


Source: Fox 10 Phoenix << Read full story

SBF Grand Opening featured on Glendale Daily Planet

SBF Grand Opening featured on Glendale Daily Planet

Soldier’s Best Friend celebrated the Grand Opening of the new Training Campus on November 3, 2016. The Glendale Daily Planet covered the event.

Touching 2 Lives at Once: Soldier’s Best Friend grand opening

By Bette Sharpe – Glendale Daily Planet

Thursday, Nov. 3, 2016, was the official grand opening for Soldier’s Best Friend, 14505 N. 75thAvenue, Peoria, Arizona, 85381.

Soldier’s Best Friend provides United States military veterans living with combat-related Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) with Service or Therapeutic Companion Dogs, most of which are rescued from local shelters.

Soldier’s Best Friend is a 501(3)3 tax exempt organization founded in 2011.

After the veteran or active military member is accepted to the program, they begin training with our professional trainers. They are provided a rescued/shelter dog or train with their own dog, if it meets SBF’s criteria. Training takes about 6-9 months. The pair attend training classes two times a week. During training the dog lives with the veteran. There is no cost to the veteran for placement, training and basic supplies. The approximate cost to pair, equip and train is $4,000, per team. There are currently 41 teams currently in training as of last month. Three-hundred and 25 have been accepted into the program. And as of September 2016, one-hundred and 50 teams have graduated from the program. Over one-hundred dogs have been rescued from local shelters.

Source: Glendale Daily Planet << click here for full story

Interview on KPHF 88.3 FM

Interview on KPHF 88.3 FM

Did you hear the radio interview about us today on KPHF? If you missed it, there’s a link on the radio station’s Facebook page or click the direct link. Thanks KPHF 88.3 FM for highlighting Soldier’s Best Friend.


Watch Fox 10 News Interview

Watch Fox 10 News Interview

One of our teams, Mike and Louie, along with board member, Tobey, were interviewed on the local Fox 10 morning show. They did a great job! Watch interview

SBF on Channel 3

SBF on Channel 3

Did you see Tobey, David and Caleb interviewed on Channel 3 to promote SBF and the Sporting Clay event? Reporter Jared Dillingham has helped us promote this fundraising event two years in a row. Are you registered? Do you know anyone who would like to participate? It’s not too late, but please hurry so we can be prepared.

Link to register for Sporting Clay event:

Link to Channel 3 interview

Three News Feature Stories

The Peoria Times newspaper printed a feature story about the SBF Groundbreaking Ceremony in their February 26 issue. The story is also available on their website. Thank you Carolyn Dreyer for attending the event and writing this great story.
The Peoria Independent released a story “Peoria nonprofit to help more vets and homeless dogs” by Cecelia Chan on February 28. posted an article about the recent groundbreaking ceremony.


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